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Zuo Mo (左莫), also known as the Scalping Zombie, is a fictional character and the protagonist of the light novel World of Cultivation by Fang Xiang. He first appeared as a nondescript outer sect disciple of Wu Kong Sword Sect. Suffering from amnesia, the zombie faced male has no recollection of his life prior to being rescued by the sect leader two years ago. Since then, he has dedicated himself to the modest occupation of ling farming, always looking for opportunities to earn more jingshi.

Pu Yao and Wei both live within his consciousness.


Volume 1 Money Grubbing Madman[]

Zuo Mo had his mind erased and his face changed by someone. The only clue he has about his past is the five element glass bead that was merged in his blood and flesh. He was found by the Sect Leader of Wu Kong Sect and brought to live there. He spent his time planting ling grains. For two years he followed this lifestyle.

In Wu Kong Mountain, he met Pu Yao after Xin Yan Shishu destroyed the black sea that infected the ling grains in Western Peak of Wu Kong Mountains, where fifty mu of ling field owned by Zuo Mo is located. That is the same night that Pu Yao invaded Zuo Mo's consciuosness in the form of black dandelion seed and planted a copy of Xin Yan Shishu's Ice Dragon Sword essence. After becoming zhuji level, he became an inner sect disciple under Fourth Shishu, Shin Feng Rong, and he started to learn about dan-making.

Volume 2 A Problematic Youth[]

He became famous in Dong Fu because of his Golden Crow Pill and his intermediary forging services, which further enhanced his jingshi earnings. In Dong Fu Sword Test Conference, he ranked third place because of seventy two child formation [Skyring Moon Chime Formation], that left terrifyingly gigantic hole in Dong Fu's Great Pine Pavillion and fought one on five. Due to his obsession with formations, he became an embarassment of his sword sect so his Master and all sect elders have imprisoned him in a large sword essence formation built by Wu Ling Sanren. This is for him to learn and cultivate the sword instead of formations.

Volume 3 Seeking Survival On A Desolate Island[]

Afterwards, he was sent by his elders to supervise Desolate Wood Reef, wherein he has shown more of his excellent skills in formations. Through Macro Golden Crow Formation, he produced fourth-grade Golden Crow Fire seeds that became their primary product to trade. At this island, he managed to reach ningmai level. He also became close to his Shidis, Gongsun Cha and Chun Yu Cheng. They were forced to leave the island due to yao army invasion.

Volume 4 Zuo Mo’s Counterattack[]

In Little Mountain Jie, at Sky Star Peak, he built the Golden Crow City all by himself. He managed to defeat the Clear Sky Old Forefather, a jindan expert, with the aid of A Gui. Because of this encounter, he was able to develop the Great Day Mo Physique, the second ranked among colonel mo physiques.

In Sky Water Jie, together with Vermillion Bird Camp and Guard Camp, they defeated the 3 jindan elders of Hundred Flower Alliance, destroyed the sect and obtained all of its assets. Because of it, Cloud Divine Sect and Wood Sword Sect gathered more than ten smaller sects to attack Zuo Mo's group. Their two most elite forces were annihilated by Vermillion Bird Camp and Guard Camp through night ambush. Afterwards, they left Sky Water Jie a tranportation formation, but because its imprint was altered, they were brought to Ten Thousand Year Old Ancient Battlefield.

Volume 5 Charge Out of the Ancient Battlefield[]

While in Ten Thousand Year Old Ancient Battlefield, he further cultivated his spirit and body using soul base source of fiend souls. The first maturation of his Great Day Mo Physique, which was supposed to be dangerous, came quickly without his knowledge. He also reunited with Wei Sheng and met Yi Zheng who told him about the Battle of Sealed Extinction. To find the exit of the Ancient Battlefield, they travelled towards its core region wherein they encountered a strange corpse named Shi. In this region, Zuo Mo attained the state of ancient cultivators, in which his consciousness, ling power, and flesh and blood exist together. After exiting the Ancient Battlefield, he witnessed the battle methods of Mo battle generals and was inspired to create his own "Xiao Mo Ge Battle Method", which utilizes complete group resonance.

In Ten Finger Prison, he changed his name to Xiao Mo Ge. In there, he was able to practice deconstructing little yao arts and met his first disciple, Nan Yue. In the first prison, he managed to finish the prison-breaking battle that had not been activated for three hundred years, swallowed Qian Liu's water breath bead and formed the new first prison that he named Wasteland Beast Chessboard. When he reached the third prison, he met Ming Jue Zi and learned more about the Battle of Sealed Extinction. He also challenged a gold battle general, Yu Heng, to a duel in war chess, and won with the aid of his Gongsun Shidi.

Volume 6 All Hail Our King[]

Volume 7 All Hail The King[]

Afterwards, he started to travel towards Nether Realm to find Reverse Shadow Spirit Silkgrass and to completely retrieve his past memory. At the start, he commanded the 100 elite members of Butcher Guard Camp and upon reaching the Great Peace City, he met his Luo Li Shixiong who became a captive of mo general, Lan Tian Long. He gave his shixiong the Life-Death Lock Spell because of Luo Li's death-like condition. With Pu and Wei's master planning, Zuo Mo managed to attract the attention of Anwei Family by showing a worldly apparition of Shifting Star Sand because he comprehended the Mo Skill Steles built by Shi Zi MIng in Great Peace City. He even challenged and defeated the twentieth ranked in Great Peace Mo Ranking, Miao Jun. He did all of this to rescue Xiao Guo and Li Ying Feng from Princess Xia of Anwei Family. In Great Peace City, he also met Bie Han and was able to remove the jinzhi from Sin Battalion. Because of this, he reached the level of “Shen Power Breathing” and an additional general and battalion under his command. While fighting Princess Xia's defender, Shen Yu, he obtained Reversed Stellar Evolution, a killing move of a star type mo physique's comprehend domain, and he reached the edge of Ten Crow Celestial Domain. Not long after, he was able to activate the Great Peace Treasure Pavillion and acquired two of its treasures, the Anti-Dragon Claw and the Three Thousand Threads of Worry. He also fought with Lin Qian, who wanted to steal the Great Mo Skill Stele, and managed to stop his most powerful sword strike by using the Anti-Dragon Claw. They also fought with Ming Bandits wanted to snatch the treasures from him but he defeated them with the help of Bie Han and Sin Battalion. After that, he also fought with Marshal Yu, who wanted to seize the Anti-Dragon Claw from Zuo Mo. During his battle, his life was endangered because Anti-Dragon Claw and Sun Crystal Seed viciously fought inside his body but Zuo Mo was able to see every detail of the completed Ten Crow Celestial Domain. Also, the strange fragments of energy that had been formed from the creation and destruction of the Anti Dragon Claw’s and Sun Crystal Seed's powers were the most primal power. They had strengthened Zuo Mo in all areas: mo physique, spiritual consciousness, ling power, and even his shen power. Anti-Dragon Claw also created a new mo matrix in his body but it became dim after the claw was subdued and seemed to have gone into hibernation.

After leaving Great Peace City, he continued to travel towards Nether Spring Jie. He, together with A Gui and Ceng Lian'er, were chased by 2 fanxu xiuzhes that were sent by Xu Kong Sect to assassinate him. The trio was able to kill Ji Zheng by using Little Mo Treasure Cup. After the fight, he obtained Nether’s Rotten Reincarnation Lotus to nurture A Gui's soul and was able to enter Unconscious Void wherein he met the true A Gui that was chained because she casted herself with Undying Shen Punishment. Because of this, he started to furiously cultivate shen power to rescue A Gui and entered the preliminary stages of mortal level.

Volume 8 The King’s Horn[]

In Bu Zhuo City, Zuo Mo changed his identity to Xiao Yuan Hai. He forged an earth-level mo weapon, named Sky Snake Ten Manifestation Pike, in exchange of a complete set of White Ridge Snake Bones for Ceng Lian'er. Because of this, he was reconized as Grandmaster in mo weapon forging. Later on, he announced that he would trade an earth-level mo weapon for one Reverse Shadow Soul Silkgrass. Unexpectedly, instead of one earth-level, he was able to forge four earth-level mo weapons and a pseudo-shen device. Namely, Iceblood Three Hound Seat, Blue Horsefly, Dark Clear Li Chakrams, Thirteen Pillars and Angel Device Raiment. Due to calamity caused by pseudo-shen device Angel Device Raiment, Zuo Mo has set up the King’s Forbidden Firmament in Grave Ghost Mountain. After Yi An sent him the Reverse Shadow Spirit Silkgrass and ate it, he saw his lost childhood memories with A Gui. Inside the King's Forbidden City, he auctioned off the Angel Device Raiment. He exchanged it with Gu Liang Dao for a Five Element Soul Dan. And due to the interruption of Ming Yue Ye on this transaction, he fought Yao Council of Elders out of his rage. He even defeated Elder Ye, who is the tenth yao of the Council of Elders and in exchange of his life, Zuo Mo obtained Dead Thought Bead.

Next, he went back to Mo Cloud Sea as the world entered the new era. After 7 years of peace, he decided to lead the Mo Cloud Sea to expand towards mo territories. He started with Mo Marshal Alliance led by Marshal Di because he targets the Hundred Energy Jie where shen crystals can be mined. Moreover, he started an alliance with Xi Xuan after they returned the part they stole from the [Ghost] shen device that was forged by Zuo Mo's father.

After the Mo Cloud Sea was attacked by Heart Leaf Dhyana Sect, he wanted to retaliate. But as they passed through Thunder Sound Temple, Zou Mo met Lao De Guang. He learned about an ancient ruin that keeps a shen device nucleus and will open in a month located in Calm Brightness Jie of Lotus Sutra Temple. Because of interference from Thunder Sound Temple, Zuo Mo's elite group were forced to take the dangerous Black Sea Flight Route. Unexpectedly, Zou Mo found Green Pulse String and ancient octopus under the guide of Lil' Black.

Inside the ancient ruins, Zuo Mo and A Gui entered the Mist Hall of a Totem Coliseum. He fought with the mist giant that guards the Mist Eye Tablet. He defeated it using the Green Pulse String and with the aid of A Gui. After that, he met the Ghost Mist Child that was threatened to help Pu Yao and Wei's souls to manifest outside Zuo Mo's body. He became Zuo Mo's subordinate and also received the Mist Shen Methodology from him. Zuo Mo was able to activate the jinzhi of Totem Coliseum and killed Nie Chen, a Child of Kun Lun. Inside the Summer Palace, he forged a shen device for Zong Ru called Three Manifestations Treasure Staff. He also met Qing Xiao, the last surviving member of Greenvine Tribe and passed on Qing Lin's inheritance.

After leaving the ancient ruins, he found that Tian Huan bared its fangs to Mo Cloud Sea in the market and tried to break Xi Xuan's alliance to Mo Cloud Sea. So Zuo Mo tried to ensure safety of Zhong De. He was then offered by Zhong De with one-third of Xi Xuan's territory, which is almost 300 jies, to ensure alliance of Mo Cloud Sea and the remaining Xi Xuan that Zhong De plans to pass on to Gu Liang Dao. In that mission, he was able to capture Li Xian Er after awakening the sun crystal seed that had been sleeping in his body. The sun crystal seed was the best amplification device for his sun shen power. After checking his spoils, Zuo Mo found out that Li Xian Er is the malicious and spoiled paper crane girl that pranked and bullied him in the past.


Zuo Mo is one of the few people to cultivate shen power. He is able to channel this power into his xiuzhe, yao, and mo abilities, greatly improving their power.

  • Genius insight to formations: Zuo Mo is highly advanced in the design and mastery of spell formations, often using them to take actions far outside his normal ability range.
  • High mastery of little yao arts: Zuo Mo has been tutored to the extreme by Pu Yao on the basics of yao arts, and is now practically unrivalled at that level. He used this mastery to conquer the first prison in the Ten Finger Prison.
  • High mastery of mo matrixes: Zuo Mo is capable of reading, manipulating and engraving the mo matrixes on a mo's body.
  • Ten Crow Celestial Apparatus: Zuo Mo's mo physique is the third strongest among general level physiques - it evolved from the Great Day physique and has a focus on fire.
    • Ten Crow Celestial Domain: Zuo Mo's mo physique is currently at the general level - the corresponding domain is considered the first among general level domains.
    • Reversed Stellar Revolution: Despite this being an ability limited to star-type physiques, Zuo Mo is capable of using it. It usually presents itself as a bracelet of red stars around his wrist.


He is lazy, eats and waits for death, dislikes work, greedy, thick-skinned, and black-hearted. He does not have ambition and jingshi is his top priority. He will only put effort into doing something when there is no other choice and he has to do it.



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