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A genius Wu Kong Sword Sect disciple and had once been a sword servant of Luo Li Shixiong. He had the greatest battle strength and battle experience among outer sect disciples. He was rumoured that he had once killed sword xiu who was in the initial stages of zhuji even though he is still in later stage of lianqi. He rarely showed his face outside but his reputation within the outer sect disciples was extremely high. His first encounter with Zuo Mo is when he was ninth level lianqi and he asked his shidi to take care a fire dragon grass which he will use to reach zhuji. From then on, he had a close relationship with Zuo Mo.

When he entered zhuji, an apparition of sword energy piercing the heavens appeared. After that, he was quickly taken by the sect head as his disciple, bestowed with fourth grade flying sword "Splitting Rainbow" and personally taught by Xin Yan Shishu. He entered Sword Cave and attained the "Void Sword Scripture", which is the strongest sword scripture of the Wu Kong Sword Sect and the greatest accomplishment of the first ancestral master, Wu Kong zhenren. Upon exiting the Sword Cave, he already reached ningmai.

He reached jindan level at the Ten Thousand Year Old Ancient Battlefield, in which he made a worldly apparition again. In there, he met Yi Zheng and reunited with Zuo Mo. After that, he decided to join Zuo Mo in his journey and opened a Sword Lecture Hall for Vermillion Bird Camp.

On his travel in mo world to save Zuo Mo, he breakthrough to yuanying stage when he learned from a Kun Lun sword xiu that sect leader and his Shishus from Wu Kong Sword Sect were already dead and his fellow disciples were imprisoned by mo. The last barrier between him and the black sword was also broken. He had awakened the God-Killing Blood Sword. He started cultivating shen power using the shen methodology sent to him by Zuo Mo.

In the ancient ruin located in Lotus Sutra Temple's territory, he was able to defeat the 5th mo god of Mo Shen Temple.


He is not very tall, has thick and broad shoulders, square face and thick brows. He looked extremely honest, but the flickers of light that occasionally came from the pair of eyes made one unable to underestimate him.


He is admired for his hard work and persistence on cultivation of the sword. Even at jindan level, he would repeat the monotonous and self-abusive cultivation method over and over. He did not use ling power, relying on just his physical body, to slice and chop until all of his strength was exhausted and his entire body trembled.


Abilities/Martial Arts[]

  • Sixth-grade Void Sword Scripture