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A fourth-grade natural talisman. It is slightly smaller than a normal walnut, appearing to have been made of pure silver. It was extremely heavy, the abundant creasing on the surface released the occasional spark of lightning. While the Sonic Lightning Walnut contained abundant hard lightning, but the kernel inside the hard husk could contain even more hard lightning. It was further tempered by Zuo Mo using fourth-grade hard lightning, Yang Fiend Hard Lightning.

After being nurtured by the hard lightning from the formation battle watchtowers, the Sonic Lightning Walnuts looked like rotten silver, its surface carved with pits and grooves. It was heavy in his hand, even with its volume having shrunk. However, it was covered in the light of dense blue lightning so to hold it Zuo Mo had to use his ling power to cover his palm.

Zuo Mo used yin fire bead method and his Golden Crow Fire to forge the Sonic Lightning Walnuts. After forging, the walnut patterns that had covered the surface disappeared. It was entirely smooth like a perfect silver ball. Threads of Golden Crow Fire burrowed into the silver ball and beautiful golden patterns started to float into the surface of the silver ball.

Zuo Mo used 10 Sonic Lightning Walnuts to stop the self-detonation attack of Clear Sky Old Forefather and its simultaneous explosion had forcibly cleared out an empty area twenty mu in diameter.