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The Guard Camp is a military corps that serve Zuo Mo. Its initial members are consisted of one thousand xiu slaves taken from Xie Shan and Ma Fan's invasion of Nan Sheng Village. They are at low cultivation level, lianqi or zhuji.

It was formed from the human who had Mo Matrix and cultivated the mo skill called [Hardship Guard]. They are personally taught by Pu Yao and the assigned supervisor is Shu Long. The camp gets stronger with killing intent or the black fiendish energy that roam the Ten Thousand Year Old Battlefield.

They can form armors and weapons with the energy they use. Each of them was very brawny and tall, one zhang being the average height.

It is called "Manual Labor Camp" by Vermillion Bird Camp xiuzhe, meanwhile, they call the Vermillion Bird Camp as "Birdy Camp".

Martial Arts/Scriptures[]

  • Hardship Guard Scripture
  • Great Day Hardship Guard Scripture

Battle Formations[]

  • Crow Fiend Mo Killing Formation
    • Little Mo Kill
    • Successive Mo Kill
    • Great Mo Kill
  • Mo Grinding Disk