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He's the genius strategist of Zuo Mo and it's Shidi. He is a professional butcher and has a butcher jade medal. Supposedly, in the span of fifteen minutes, he could dismember any ling beast to hundreds of pieces, the ling energy in each piece conserved with the loss of ling energy of less than twenty percent.

He was cunning and daring, calm when there was trouble, and had a devious and dark character. He didn’t have much interest in butchering. He is an extreme militant and has terrifying talent at commanding in battle. After escaping Desolate Wood Reef, he became War Chess Partner of Pu Yao, wherein he learned offensive battle tactics like Three-Section Way Killing Charge. He became the Battle General of the Vermillion Bird Camp. If he was ranked among battle generals, he is one of the rarely found talent at level of Silver Medal.

Even at zhuji level, he was able to create his own battle general's cultivation spell. He used the yaomo battle generals from war chess games as his references. The core of this spell was to steal the consciousness and ling power of other entities and hence, soul base source of the fiend souls were great nutrients for him.

In the Ancient Battlefield, he continuously absorbed soul base source from the fiend soul beast bead and chanelled his core scripture. His consciousness became even stronger than Zuo Mo's and even manage to defeat a gold battle general, Yu Heng, in war chess game in Ten Finger Prison.

In the new era, he was already ranked fourth in the battle general ranking from the xiuzhe world. It is because he wasn’t just strong at command, he was also outstanding both offensively and defensively, as well as having taught a group of talented first-class battle generals.

He made the detailed and thorough plan of counter-attack on Tian Huan, which utilized the help of top shen power experts, Lan and A Gui's grandfather.


He is clean, white, scholarly looking and has Feminine and delicate face with plum flower-like eyes. His trademark timid smile was called “Lil’ Miss’ Slight Smile” in the camp, and all of them were afraid of it as though it was a snake or scorpion.


He was usually shy and bashful. Even when speaking, his tone and presence were soft. But when he fought, he seemed to become a whole other person. It might have been due to the influence of Pu Yao, or that his innate personality possessed this kind of insanity, but the Gongsun Cha during battle was daring and heated, vicious and merciless, striking without hesitation.

Battle Tactics[]

  • Three-Section Way Killing Charge
  • Snowflake Battle Formations
    • Snowflake Flood
    • Snowflake Strangulation Kill