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He's the Shidi of Zuo Mo who came with Zuo Mo to Desolate Wood Reef. He was 24 years old, with ordinary cultivation (zhuji level), yet he had received the White Jade medal of the beast speakers. He is obsessed with animal husbandry.

In Mo Cloud Sea, he took over a large sized cloud island. Other than him, there were also his assistants that were also interested in husbandry.

After years of research, he finally bred a completely new powerful species called cloud steeds. They had three beast cores inside their bodies and they possessed the three powers. Because of this findings, he was able to upgrade the grades of Zuo Mo's Lil' Ones (pets).


His appearance was handsome, with sharp brows and bright eyes. He was a very dependable person. Even though he had not been part of the Wu Kong Sword sect for very long, many female disciples had made advances; but he had refused all of them.


He is docile, and somewhat lacking in courage, only infatuated with beast keeping. He is an excessive chatterbox and always stray out of topic when speaking about ling beasts. He does not understand how to interact with people, and rarely conversed with other people. On the other hand, he has outstanding talent and works furiously, unaffected by anything else.

Martial Arts/Scriptures[]

  • Nine Heavens Illusory Divine Light Serpent Transforming Dragon Pool Scroll (created by Zuo Mo for creating Nether Pool, a Yao nurturing pool)
  • Ten Thousand Beast Body Rearing Spell